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The industry

The clothing industry is one of the most polluting. Every year around the world, thousands of people are dying because of toxic products in production chains.

These toxic products remain anchored in the fiber of these clothes, even once washed. This can cause skin reactions, itching or even irritation.

To date, the demand for ready-made clothing requires overproduction of industry leaders, leading to the excessive use of chemical additives to accelerate harvesting.

Our mission

We want to promote more responsible consumption and fight against the exploitation of human and natural resources. Paradigme aims to change the way we consume fashion.

To achieve this goal and limit the damage done to our planet, we create sustainable and eco-friendly clothing.


By selecting good local partners and using the best organic tissues in the area.

At Paradigme, everything is made in Montreal. This allows us to regularly monitor the quality of production:

- Clothing design

- Patronage and sampling

- Knitting of our organic fabric (GOTS certified)

- Dyeing, pre-washing and pre-shrinking the fabric

- Cutting pieces

- Assembling pieces

- Finishes

- Logo embroidery

Our inspiration

Always keeping nature as a source of inspiration and quality as our focus, we create unisex, minimalist, casual and timeless clothing.

Where to find us?


Espace Lowell, 5298 St-Laurent boulevard, Montreal
Espace Lowell, 4030 Wellington street, Verdun
Espace Lowell, 66 Champlain boulevard, Old-Québec


Café MRKT, 838 Mont Royal avenue East, Montreal

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