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Delivered by bike in Montreal.

Phusis Collection

Inspired by a philosophical concept from ancient Greece, the Phusis designates everything that is and happens in nature, but extended to the largest possible dimension. Phusis is defined as "the totality of phenomena, events or processes already existing or in motion".
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* Phusis also marks the beginning of our commitment to social and environmental causes since 2% of its profits will be donated to the Nature-Quebec association.


Dyade Collection

A dyad {from ancient Greek : duás, "pair"} is, in philosophy, an entity made up of two elements. The dyad includes everything that is binary. It is the couple of two subjects or two elements in interaction.
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Premiere Collection

Our first collection is composed of 2 Hoodies, 2 Crewnecks, 2 Pants, 4 Short Sleeve T-shirt & 4 Long Sleeve.
The production line is based in Montreal and meets all the GOTS control criteria.
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100% Organic - 100% Made in Montreal

Paradigme is a brand of natural, unisex and Montreal clothing. All our production is based in Montreal and meets rigorous control criteria.
The organic fabrics that make up Paradigme clothing are knitted in Montreal and GOTS certified.
For the structure and hold of the clothes, we use between 0 and 1% synthetic materials.



Paradigme creates elementary, durable and timeless clothing here in Montreal.

We support the use of natural, local and eco-responsible resources.

A paradigm is defined as a model of thought that encompasses laws, theories and assumptions shared by a community.

Instagram: Paradigme_montreal

Facebook: ParadigmeMontreal

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